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B-Box Cryo

B-Box Cryo

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Inspired by cryotherapy (cold treatment) , this one-of-a-kind massage roller will transform your morning skincare routine.  It helps to revive the biological reactions of the skin by promoting oxygenation and the drainage of toxins. You will immediately feel the benefits with more toned skin , a luminous complexion and improved skin texture. B-BOX CRYO , the best way to awaken your skin.

Ideal with Esthederm body products available in store and on the online store.
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The sustained temperature of -8 to 2.5°C increases blood circulation, continuously pumping oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the skin . This technique encourages lymphatic drainage, recovery and renewal  cell . B-BOX CRYO is the equivalent of intense training. 

All skin types will benefit from the benefits of B-BOX CRYO. 


On the back of the box is a scannable QR code that will give you access to a video of the drainage protocol created for you by the professionals at B-BOX.

Pro tips: 

We recommend that you use B-BOX CRYO with products from the Epic face range of B-BOX:

  • Olea-3 dry oil (Dry skin lacking in lipids or mature skin)
  • Prébio-Boost serum (All skin types)
  • Kalm cream (Sensitive skin)
  • Squalane+ cream ( mature, normal or dehydrated skin).

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