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The B-BOX GUA SHA is a tool for  beauty designed to stimulate microcirculation , activate the lymphatic system and reduce muscle tension. These biological movements allow better oxygenation of the epidermis, a reduction in edema and relaxation of the facial muscles . The device makes it possible to redensify the contours of the face , improve the texture of the skin and the radiance of the complexion .  

At B-BOX we have taken the GUA SHA technique to another level by including  in our device a vibration mode that increases relaxation  muscles and fascia .  We have also included a mode  heating at 4 2 degrees Celsius which promotes better penetration of cosmetic active ingredients .  

Our device is configured according to our massage techniques.

Ideal in combination with a good Serum such as those of Esthederm available in store or on the online store.
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Relax tensions :  Performed on a regular basis , the relaxation of facial muscles helps prevent and fade expression lines. 

Luminous Skin: Gua Sha can help improve and reduce acne, help decongestion, reduce inflammation and help tighten pores. 

Anchoring ritual : The sequence and the gentleness of the massage transform your cosmetic care routine into a true ritual of relaxation and anchoring with oneself . 

GUA SHA massage can be beneficial for everyone , unless you have the following contraindications : 

  • Pregnant women 
  • Skin sensitized by the sun 
  • Acute illness (flu, pneumonia, gastro , etc.) 
  • Hemophilia _ _ _ 
  • Severe migraines 
  • Person who recently received : 
    • face lift 
    • Recent Botox 
    • Recent volumizing 
    • Recent microderma abrasion  
  • Person affected of the following diseases : Hashimoto , A dison , Cushing .


GUA SHA massage can be introduced into your routine on a daily basis . This must be done at least 4 times a week to have a long-lasting effect . B-BOX professionals recommend that you apply Oléa-3 regenerating dry oil from the Épic range to previously cleansed skin in order to derive the maximum benefit from the B-BOX GUA SHA technique . 

How to perform the treatment? 

Scan the QR code behind the case of your device to watch the massage designed by B-BOX professionals.


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