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Académie Beauté JT

Display for cleaning products

Display for cleaning products

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Do you have our wonderful cleaning products at your salon and want the Académie Beauté JT display?
You can NOW get our fabulous cleaning product display. Designer here in Quebec, this magnificent display hand-drawn by Pierre (the father of Julie, the founder), it was thought out and made with love. Knowing that Julie wanted a luxurious display, this one was designed in white acrylic and fitted with a beautiful gold mirror on top. The JT Beauty Academy display will make your shelves a luxurious accessory and will catch the eye of your customers. It is elegant and perfect for preventing products from falling to the ground.

The display will give a WOW effect to Académie Beauté JT resale products.
This will make it easier to sell them to your customers.

*JT Beauty Academy resale products (Lash Shampoo, Cleansing Gel, Serum, Lash Protector) not included.

How to maintain it?
Clean with delicacy.
Remove dust and dirt with a soft cloth, then clean with a window cleaning product.
*Always clean with a soft cloth to avoid scratches.

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