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Académie Beauté JT



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Notebook designed for Teams.
It has been designed so that harmony reigns in all work teams.
Format of 8.5x11 and contains 52 weeks so this notebook has a duration of a whole year, in addition it contains a "Recap" of the year for the objectives for the following year.


Its mission is to maintain a healthy working atmosphere. Since we know that communication is the key to maintaining harmony between each individual. Working in a team is sometimes difficult, and we wanted this notebook to help you during your meetings. Here is the suggested use. During your meetings, place your notebooks in the middle of the table and the person leading the meeting will take 1 notebook at a time, but by chance. To then read the comments in front of everyone without anyone knowing who owns the notebook to avoid friction when there are things to correct or events, actions that were less appreciated during the week. This will avoid accumulating frustrations and conflicts between colleagues. It also makes it possible to glorify colleagues in front of everyone for actions taken during the week. A few compliments and positive reinforcement are always appreciated by all and increase everyone's productivity. It contains an idea section, so that everyone can give their opinion and participate in the growth of the company. This notebook has 52 pages for a whole year. To be completed carefully during the work week.

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